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REFLECTION #6: End of Year One

A quiet has settled on the campus of NUA that is only interrupted periodically by the Mosques deafening calls to prayer. While I breathe a sigh of relief, I also have a much clearer picture of what awaits me in 2 months when school starts again. We have received approximately 200 applications from prospective students. […]

REFLECTION #5: Ministry Team Trip

Wael, Mamdouah, Nyadeed, Mary and Maryam sit clustered around me swaying together with the motion of the train. The large windows display the green fields of the fertile Nile valley interrupted periodically by small villages with buildings inconsistently alternating between dust covered brick and sand colored concrete. Everyone but Maryam is sleeping – Maryam never […]

REFLECTION #4: Alexandria Children Encounter

It’s Christmas Vacation. My family and I decided to be tourists in Alexandria, Egypt. We were going to see the Citadel of Salah Ah Din, the Catacombs, the Pillar of Pompeii, the Acropolis and finally the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. We haven’t been tourists much since coming to Egypt and it feels a little decadent, even luxurious. […]

REFLECTION #3: After Five Months

We left home almost 5 months ago. Today I unpacked candles. It seems like such a small thing, but putting them in their little stands and lighting them on the mantle and the piano made a resolute declaration: “this is home!” It is not a vacation, a temporary residence, a short term mission project or […]

REFLECTION #2: First Trip – Dahassa Village

The heat is oppressive. It is everywhere; you cannot get away from it. I finish my days so sticky and dusty that after a much anticipated cold shower I go into the one room in our house that is air conditioned and try not to leave. If I start to nurture self pity, I remind […]

REFLECTION #1: Mission Institute

I have spent three weeks at Mission Institute. It is an intensive that is designed to prepare missionaries to be hurled into a completely foreign culture with little or no training to be successful. I can honestly say that I feel less prepared than I was at the beginning of the Institute; not because I […]