Mission Statement

NUA exists to promote God’s work in the lives of young people. Our mission is to educate young believers to use their head, heart, and hands for God


To equip students’ to use their head to think, reason, reflect and solve the problems, both moral and physical, that life serves up to us all.


To engage students’ with their heart teaching them compassion, commitment, discipline and the ability to work through the joys and sorrows of life.


To train students’ hands to work, embrace and reach out in support of their goals and the goals of others.

Welcome to Nile Union Academy

A Seventh-Day Adventist Christian English language boarding High School offering and American equivalent education in preperation for college entry, Christian service to the community around us.



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The touch of NUA

Academy Experience

We offer an education that broadens perspectives, sharpens minds, strengthens bodies and enganges hearts.

Excellency Tradition

Academy has a long, proud tradition of scholarly, artistic and athletic excellency.

The Spiritual Experience

Students get to experience spiritual upliftment which will make them better citizens of the world and the world to come.

Inside the Classroom

Highly educated & passionate faculty inspire, mentor and guide students on their academic journey.

Beyond the Classroom

For congers, learning occurs in many different settings beyond the walls of a traditional classroom.

After the Academy

Nile Union Academy has more than 1,000 successful alumni living across the globe.

NUA at a Glance

What our Students and Staff say

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Asaad Ibrahim


NUA is the place where I learnt how to speak and write English and how to be close to God.

Erin Van Gelder

Maths & Science Teacher

NUA is an oasis in the desert, striving to provide a quality education and training our students for this life and for eternity.

Thomas Safwat


NUA is not a place we live in, it's a place that lives in us.

Thelma Z. Ndlovu

Head Teacher

The smiles I see in this place will stay in my heart forever.

Krollos Khamis


NUA is a place where we have education, fun, relationship with God and good health. It is indeed the way to success.

Joseph Santana

Maths & Sciences Teacher

NUA is a community that gives new perspectives.

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"One of the greatest Christian Educational opportunities in Egypt"

~ Douglas Madakiwe