What Devices to bring

This question has been asked several times as we get closer to reopening on campus.The whole year we have had to use electronic textbooks on our devices as we were online. According to recommendations given in the Q&A before going online, all students were advised to have at least a tablet to be able to work well online and read better with a wider screen. The school offered to pay half of the amount for the specific tablet given in the link. We are upholding this offer until the end of March. We will not be issuing any physical textbooks. Students will continue to use the electronic textbooks on their tablets even when back on campus. 

Please note that the school will only payback the half amount for only the device from the link given at the beginning of the year. You can find this on question 8 of this link:


To claim the amount, please bring the receipt and the tablet for verification. 


The question still remains, “I have been using my phone and/or laptop, can I bring it and continue using that?” You will be allowed to have your tablet and laptop. The policy on smartphones will remain the same as before. Only tablets and laptops will be allowed to be used. When in class, you will only use them when requested to do so by the teacher.


“But I cannot buy the tablet?” The school is paying half so that you only use the same amount you would use to buy the textbooks (Remember we only have 2 months before end of year). With the tablet, you will just easily continue to use it next year. So textbook or tablet for the next 2 months?