Overview and Philosophy

Nile Union Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian boarding high school. We are owned and operated by the Egypt-Sudan Field Office of Seventh-day Adventist Church. We accept the Old and New Testament scriptures as our creed and we teach Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. Our educational system is patterned after the American educational system which values class attendance, participation, and performance as the base of its education. NUA adheres to a blueprint for education that was originally conceived in the Old Testament “School of the Prophets” that seeks to daily train and teach young people through instruction, activities, relationships, work, responsibility, consequences, and life experiences. 

All classes at NUA are taught in English except for second language classes. Our discipline style is consequence oriented, rather than shame based. It is our desire that students will not only succeed academically, but will upon graduation leave NUA with the foundation to succeed morally, socially, and spiritually in life. We believe that integrity and honor of our head, heart, and hands must be the foundation of a life surrendered to God.


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Mission Statement

NUA exists to promote God’s work in the lives of young people. Our mission is to educate young believers to use their head, heart, and hands to God

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Core Values


NUA is an academic institution. One of our primary goals is to give a good
education—good in the eyes of the families that sent the students to our school and to the
students themselves; good in the eyes of intuitions of higher learning that our students wish to
attend, and good in the eyes of potential employers. The head is about cognitive function and being logical.
How do they think? Are they logical people for whom a rational argument will be effective? How do they use logic?
What are their goals, and how will the idea affect them? At NUA we try and help students become logical and rational using their heads.

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NUA is an educating community. The heart is about effective function, emotions and feelings. Think about how you can use emotion to get your idea across. It is in the business of shaping attitudes—attitudes of
students towards themselves, to their peers, to trainers and authority, to the community and
nation—current and future. We teach students to be subject to the governing authorities, not
only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. To sincerely give to
everyone what is owed, pay what is agreed, and give respect and honor to whom it is due.

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NUA embraces a work-study philosophy. It is not a school to just come up with academic
solutions and have the attitude that is needed to achieve these solutions, but a school to help
students accomplish what needs to be done. We teach students to do life chores; to share the
tasks of community living; to reduce their family’s financial investment in their education. To
develop a work ethic that embraces necessary work of every kind. These days the meaning of
‘hand’ has been expanded beyond manual labor to taking on any task that helps survival of
ourselves, our community and our nation– to move beyond can-do to has-done.

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Academic Code

The honor of an NUA student is demonstrated by their adhering to the following code and pledge:

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Honor Code

I will not lie, cheat, or steal; I will respect myself and others.

Honor Pledge

I will not give unauthorized help on any schoolwork, I will not receive unauthorized help on any schoolwork.




NUA is accredited by Middle States Accreditation (MSA) and the North American Division of SDA Schools (NAD). An NUA diploma is accepted in many places around the world. Nile Union Academy is not accredited with the Egyptian Government at this time. We are continuing to work on meeting the requirements to be accredited, but at the time of publishing this handbook we were not accredited. This means that a student who graduates from NUA will not be accepted into an Egyptian University.

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Why Choose Our Institution?


We offer innovative teaching methods not just the traditional teaching methods. Our teaching approach develops students strengths and abilities to reach their potential.

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Great Curriculum


Our student-centred integrated thematic curriculum makes it fun and easy for students to learn. Our teaching style enhances creativity; stimulate thinking, build confidence; arouse curiosity and sense of wonder.


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Skilled and Caring Teachers


Our team of qualified, experienced and passionate teaching staff constantly improves, innovates and creates an exciting learning journey for students. Their caring ways in students’s well-being and character development brings out the best in students.

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Great Facilities


Though still improving Our range of facilities such as air-conditioned labs with audio-visual equipment provide a positive learning environment. Other facilities include the multi-purpose hall, covered courtyard and playground.