Each year NUA is full to it’s capacity of 135 students. NUA turns away 50-100 students because we simply do not have the room to house students in our dorms, or classrooms. All students who attend NUA must have completed Egypt’s 3rd Prep, or it’s equivalent. Having done that they can fill out an application, provide the required information from their previous school and get three adults to fill out recommendation forms about the student. All prospective students must submit new applications by the date stated in the application form to apply for the following school year. Based on that information NUA Admissions Committee makes the difficult decisions of what students we think will be most successful at NUA.

Application Process To Become a Student at Nile Union Academy

Please note that the application submission deadline is past and no applications are now being received!

2021 – 2022 

Dear prospective students and parents, welcome to the 2021 – 2022 application process to become a student at Nile union Academy. 

The school already started the process of receiving applications for next academic year. To become a student at Nile Union Academy, every applicant need to take into consideration the following steps: 

FIRST: All applicants must fill the application form provided by the school. This application form contains important information. It is very important that the student complete carefully every aspect of the form. 

SECOND: Every student has to take a placement test. December through April is the time period during which our prospective students should consciously study and prepare for the English proficiency placement test and Math test. During this period of time every applicant has to be aware of the placement test. Every applicant is required to pay 75 EGP as an application fee to be able to start this process. This amount is non-refundable even if the student is not accepted. 

THIRD: December through April is also the time period for all student application documents to be received by the school and analyzed. Students and parents need to make sure all the required documents are submitted on time. 

FOURTH: By the end of April all NUA applicants should take the English proficiency placement test and a Math test. Both tests are prepared by NUA English and Math and Science Departments respectively. In order to ensure tests effectiveness applicants must take both tests at the school premises or a designated testing center. 

FIFTH: During May, the school will evaluates all applications. At the end of the month the results will be shared with applicants. A list of accepted applicants will be posted online. A list of all the applicants that were not accepted will be kept available at the school for possible future vacancies. 

SIXTH: Summer is the time for students to prepare for the coming school year. All those who are accepted are encouraged to use this time to study English as much as possible. It is also an opportunity to read and understand the student handbook. By mid-

June all accepted students should bring or submit their 8th grade certificate to NUA. Only after the school has received all the application documents can students pay the first semester fee, including tuition and dorm fees. New students have until the end of June to make this payment. 

SEVENTH: July is the opportunity for those who are in the waiting list. If any new student is not able to pay or declines enrolment, the school will refer to the wait list to fill vacancies. 

EIGTH: The first week of August is the “Orientation week.” This is a requirement for all new students. 


To apply, please choose one of the below methods that suites you.

  1. Complete the application online.
    • To complete the application online as a returning student, follow this link: Returning Student Online Application
    • To complete the application online as a new student, follow this link: New Student Online Application
  2. Or download the application forms under found on the downloads page here: Application Forms Downloads.
    • Once all forms have been filled, return to this page and fill in the form below, upload the files and send. Provide the link to this page to the 3 persons who will be recommending you. They will have to download the recommendation form, fill it and upload it here also to send it directly to us.
    • Alternatively, you can email your filled application forms to:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Submission deadline of all applications has been extended to the 8th of June 2020!