Each year NUA is full to it’s capacity of 135 students. NUA turns away 50-100 students because we simply do not have the room to house students in our dorms, or classrooms. All students who attend NUA must have completed Egypt’s 3rd Prep, or it’s equivalent. Having done that they can fill out an application, provide the required information from their previous school and get three adults to fill out recommendation forms about the student. All prospective students must submit new applications by the date stated in the application form to apply for the following school year. Based on that information NUA Admissions Committee makes the difficult decisions of what students we think will be most successful at NUA.


To apply, please choose one of the below methods that suites you.

  1. Complete the application online.
  2. Or download the application forms under found on the downloads page here: Application Forms Downloads.
    • Once all forms have been filled, return to this page and fill in the form below, upload the files and send. Provide the link to this page to the 3 persons who will be recommending you. They will have to download the recommendation form, fill it and upload it here also to send it directly to us.
    • Alternatively, you can email your filled application forms to:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Submission deadline of all applications has been extended to the 8th of June 2020!