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How to Contribute to NUA

There are four main ways you can contribute towards the betterment of Nile Union Academy, and they are as following:

Short Term Mission Opportunities

Short Term Mission Commitements are a tremendous blessing to NUA.  An NUA mission trip offers a fascinating cultural experience in an amazing historical location.  Our students will work by your side to achieve the goals we share. there are several ways y0u can be involved:
  1. Your church or school group could come to NUA t0 do a capital improvement project.  This usually involves sharing spiritually with our students and spending some time exploring the culture and history of the area.
  2. Student Missionaries are chosen to be a part of our faculty each year.  They serve in a variety of disciplines and tasks from being a work supervisor on our farm to teaching in our classrooms to leading out in worship.  Ten months on our campus gives God an opportunity t0 change you for life.
If you are interested, available positions can be found on this link here, just type”nile union academy” in the search area: https://www.adventistvolunteers.org/LongTerm/SearchResults.aspx?IsNamed=False&CallingCtryID=87

Long Term Mission Opportunities

If you are interested in a long term radical change for your life, a long term mission commitment to NUA may be for you.  Periodically NUA has an opening for individuals, couples or even families to serve God in a long term mission service opportunity.  A minimum service period is 3 years. To discuss this opportunity with NUA please contact us or check available positions on this link, just type”nile union academy” in the search area: https://www.adventistvolunteers.org/LongTerm/SearchResults.aspx?IsNamed=False&CallingCtryID=87

Steps to contribute:

Method 1

Online giving to NUA using a credit card or checking account.
1. Go to: https://www.adventistmission.org/donate

2. Select the amount.

3. In the “My donation is for*” tab select at the bottom, “Other-put my details in comments below”.

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4. In the comments section for the Payment Information you must type: MENA, ESF, NUA, (then type in the specific project at NUA you would like to support such as; worthy student scholarship, technology improvement, principal’s discretion, building projects).

5. You will receive an email confirmation from Adventist Mission. Please forward the email confirmation to principal@nuasda.org along with a note of the specific donation use. This will allow the school to access the funds in a timely manner. 

6. Thank you so much for your generous and thoughtful donation. Please know that your donation will be used to develop the spiritual growth of our students at NUA, who are the future leaders of our church. May God bless you and your family.

Method 2

Donations from the United States to benefit Nile Union Academy are tax-deductible and can be sent to:

General Conference of SDA

Donation Receipting Center

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904

Please write: MENA\Nile Union Academy\(your intended project) on the memo line of the check.

It is helpful if you email the principal of NUA at principal@nuasda.org and let him know how much you have sent and how the funds are to be used.

When the General Conference receives the checks for the benefit of a G.C. Yearbook entity, they will issue a tax-deductible receipt to the donor and credit the donation to the Middle-East North Africa Union in which NUA is located. MENA will then forward the funds to NUA.