What devices to bring

What Devices to bring This question has been asked several times as we get closer to reopening on campus.The whole year we have had to use electronic textbooks on our devices as we were online. According to recommendations given in the Q&A before going online, all students were advised to have at least a tablet […]

Reopening on Campus 2nd semester 2021

Dear NUA students, We hope you are doing well. Over the past several days, we have continued to define our school plans for a safe reopening of our school. As you know the administration, together with some faculty and staff members, have studied the feasibility of our reopening and has decided to reopen the school […]

NUA 2020-2021 School Opening Update.

Dear Nile Union Academy students, new and returning, families and Supporters, Thank you for your ongoing and outpouring support for the Academy. We also thank you for being patient while waiting news from NUA. Thank God, we finally have some important information for all NUA’s students. We would like to announce that the opening of […]

Grades now released

To all our students, the final grades for the second semester of 2019-2020 school year have been released. They are now available for you and can be accessed through the online learning platform. You can follow the link below to login and access your grades:   nuasda.org/e-learning/login