Frequently Asked Questions  

Nile Union Academy, September, 2020


1. Question: When will school reopen for in-person classes?


Answer: We may open for in-person classes based on the Egyptian government’s guidelines, as well as our unique situation as a private boarding school.  We do not know the exact date this will happen.



2. Question: When can I start taking online classes?


Answer: Classes are scheduled to begin online on September 15, 2020.



3. Question: Will instructional materials include videos with explanations to make learning easy while studying online?

Answer: Yes. NUA teachers will provide instructional videos to make learning easy online for their students.



4. Question: If I am unable to complete my online assignments, will I fail?


Answer: Not necessarily. You may receive an “incomplete” with a specific time to make up your missed assignments.



5. Question: What if I have questions about lessons and assignments; will teachers be available to answer my questions?


Answer: Yes. However, be sure to give your teacher reasonable time to get back to you in a timely manner. Remember to stay within normal office hours, as sending your teacher a message at 10 o’clock at night may not get you an answer promptly.



6. Question: Will we need text books for online classes?


Answer: No. Each teacher will provide you with instructional materials for each lesson online.



7. Question: Am I required to pay boarding fees while taking classes remotely?


Answer: No. You will not be required to pay boarding fees. You will be asked to pay for registration and tuition only. Please contact the registrar’s office for the exact cost and bank details.



8. Question: My cell phone is too small and not suitable for online classes. What do I do?


Answer: You will be required to have at least a 7-inch tablet similar to the one provided in the link below. NUA may cover a certain percentage of the cost for students. If you already have a laptop or a tablet, you will not need to purchase a new device.

Link to tablet:




9. Question: What if I have technological challenges?


Answer: If you have problems with the online platform, please contact IT support for technical assistance at 010 1444 6985 or



10. Question: Are there designated online participation times?


Yes. There will be a 2-hour block for virtual interaction each week with the instructor.
(ESL may be required to have more time.) Students are expected to organize their schedules
to ensure all assignments are turned in on time, during the scheduled dates, based on the
time specified by the teacher(s).